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The difference between traumatic and acquired brain injuries

Your brain is the most important part of your body. It governs your intelligence, emotions, consciousness, sensations and movement. When your brain suffers a permanent injury, though, the aftereffects -- including the possibility of lifetime physical and mental disabilities -- can be devastating. The various types of brain injuries are classified in two different ways as traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries are always the result of an external force and they could be open wounds or closed wounds. They usually happen as a result of a motor vehicle crash or a slip and fall incident. However, they also happen following a criminal event in the case of assault and battery, and they also happen in on-the-job injuries. Differing kinds of traumatic brain injuries include diffuse axonal injuries, penetration injuries, contusions and concussions.

Serious accidents prompt Trek to recall 1 million bicycles

Three different bicycle accidents have been attributed to bicycles manufactured by Trek. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Trek, badly installed release levers on Trek bikes with disc brakes are to blame for the accidents. A total of 900,000 bicycles have been recalled in America and another 98,000 were recalled in Canada.

Trek has issued the recall in order to prevent further accidents. It is offering to fix all affected bicycles free of charge by replacing the release levers. Trek has also offered a $20 gift voucher for merchandise to anyone affected by the recall.

Seeking compensation for burn injury victims

Burn injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. For example, perhaps your child was at school and an accident happened in the chemistry lab, causing a chemical burn. Perhaps you were driving to work and the gas tank of your car caught fire following a minor fender-bender. Maybe your husband or wife was working in a factory and an explosion happened.

Seeking immediate medical care for burn injuries is essential because these kinds of injuries are at high risk of complications. Many people with serious burns contract fatal infections. Also, scars from burn injuries can leave lifetime disfigurements. The problem is that this kind of medical care is often more expensive than anyone can afford, so what can burn victims do to get the help they need?

Car accidents: California driver dies in DUI hit-and-run

A driver in San Jose lost his life in a hit-and-run accident. According to the California Highway Patrol, the 37-year-old man was traveling down Highway 101, when he was struck by a 35-year-old hit-and-run driver.

Following, the tragic collision, the hit-and-run driver remained at large, but not for long. Police located the man's damaged Nissan along Great American Parkway. Not long after that, they found the driver, who had hidden himself behind a nearby dumpster. Police apprehended the man and have since charged him with felony hit-and-run, manslaughter and DUI.

Distracted California teens pose a serious threat on the road

Teen Texting While Driving.jpg

Drivers can have their attention taken away from the road by nearly anything: cellphones, navigation systems, personal grooming, changing radio stations, talking to passengers and many other types of distractions. While experienced drivers might be somewhat able to re-focus and react to danger after being distracted, younger drivers often lack the situational awareness to react appropriately.

Youth And The Culture Of Electronics

Every few months, it seems, there is a new app, new device or new use for widespread personal electronics. This is the culture that teens and young adults live in - cell phones and personal electronics are ubiquitous in their environment. Teens can be seen texting while talking on the phone and having a conversation in person at the same time. Is it any wonder that some of this behavior bleeds over into driving?

Pursuing damages for a spinal cord injury

Unfortunately, the spinal cord is one area of the body that does not tend to heal. Once the spinal cord is completely severed, there is only the smallest chance that a paralyzed person will completely recover. That said, advanced medical therapies exist that can sometimes assist a person with a spinal cord injury diminish the level of his or her disabilities. Those therapies are expensive, though, and not everyone has medical insurance and/or the financial means to afford them.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, it pains us to meet an individual who is not able to afford the medical care that is vital to his or her health -- especially when the injury was caused by another person's negligence. In such cases, the negligent person or party responsible for the injuries can potentially be held liable and made to pay for the costs of medical care associated with the injury.

What are the elements of wrongful death?

When someone sues another for wrongful death, it means that a relative was killed because of the misconduct or negligence of the defendant. A criminal trial is not required for a wrongful death lawsuit to be filed; however, the standard of care needed to prove wrongful death is lower than what is usually needed to convict someone of a crime associated with that person's death.

There are four wrongful death elements. These are:

Types of traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can happen in many different ways. In California personal injury cases, most traumatic brain injuries are caused by external forces. Those forces might be the result of a slip and fall or a car accident. They might also be the result of a battery or assault or a workplace injury. In most cases, the brain injury will fall into one of the following four categories: contusion, concussion, diffuse axonal injury and penetrating injury.

A contusion is usually the result of a direct impact trauma against the head. They usually involve localized bleeding within the brain. In some cases, a contusion has to be removed by a brain surgeon because the blood clots formed by a contusion can result in death in some cases. In certain instances, a contusion will also form on the opposite side of the impact site due to the way the brain collides against the sides of the skull during an impact.

Tesla's self driving car prompts legal questions

Tesla Motors is introducing new technology that allows cars to drive themselves. The automaker will be providing software updates to Tesla vehicle owners that will allow hands-free interstate driving. The technology will also allow car drivers to operate their cars on private property without a driver in the vehicle. Could this new technology result in more Los Angeles car accidents?

The self-driving and driverless technology will test the law as it applies to autonomous cars. In fact, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, has been speaking with California regulators about the autonomous driving technology since the beginning of March. A deputy director from the Department of Motor Vehicles recently said that regulators are trying to understand what Tesla is planning to unveil. He said that California's current autonomous vehicle regulations only allow for operation by specially trained drivers for testing purposes, and they do not address vehicle operation by normal drivers.

Severe burn cases in Santa Monica

No one ever plans on suffering a burn injury, but when it happens, it takes Santa Monica residents by surprise. Not only is the shock of getting into a serious accident difficult to deal with, but also burn injuries are some of the most painful and dangerous that exist. Indeed, the risk of infection, catastrophic disfigurement and never-ending pain is real -- and many burn victims have to deal with this reality for the rest of their lives following such an accident.

At Green Broillet & Wheeler, we help burn victims seek justice and restitution for their injuries in civil court. When we take on your case, we will use all of our combined experience and knowledge of the law to represent you in your claim. Depending on the nature of the case, your injuries and damages may warrant a small amount to of recovery under $10,000 or in severe cases, multimillion-dollar verdicts may be possible. Still no guarantees can be made in the pursuit of a burn injury case, and sometimes, a claim lacks sufficient merit to bring any kind of recovery.

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