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Claiming damages for lost future earnings and lost affection

Prior to initiating a car accident-related personal injury lawsuit, most injured California residents are curious to know what kinds of damages they will be able to claim. Most people know that they can seek damages related to medical care and pain and suffering. What many people do not realize is that in some cases, they can also seek money for lost future earnings, and their spouses can seek benefits for lost companionship and lost affection.

Claims related to lost income are triggered when an individual is so injured that he or she misses work and is unable to complete his or her job duties while recovering. Some individual may never be able to return to work as a result of a permanent disability caused by an accident. In these cases, courts will seek to quantify how much money was lost while unable to work during a medical recovery, and how much money will be lost in the future if an injured person is no longer able to return to his or her job because of paralysis, brain damage or some other kind of permanent injury.

What does 'brain dead' mean?

When an individual is pronounced 'brain dead,' it means that the brain has completely died and will never be able to recover. However, in brain death cases, the heart is still beating and the lungs are still breathing through machine assistance, so it can be hard for loved ones to imagine that their loved one is actually gone.

According to most doctors, brain dead individuals are truly dead, even if their other organs are still operating through the help of machines. For this reason, some doctors do not like to use the words "life support" to refer to ventilator systems and other machines that are used to keep blood flow and breathing constant in brain death victims. This can make it easier for loved one's to let go and finally disconnect the machine.

What are some of the common causes of burn injuries?

Burn injuries can be very painful, and they are also injuries that can have an impact for the rest of a person's life, due to scaring and injuries that don't fully heal. If the burns are bad enough, they can even cause someone in California to be disabled. There are a few common ways in which burns happen, some that are worse than others.

Heat Burns

Traumatic brain injury litigation in California

Every year, 1.4 million United States citizens suffer a traumatic brain injury. These individuals often suffer a lifetime of disabilities and health problems stemming from those injuries. However, the general public remains ignorant to the fact that so many people are suffering from the condition.

Indeed, one of the most difficult aspects of TBI is the fact that people who suffer from such an injury often do not show any outward signs of their plight. This can make it a challenge to successfully prove the extent of a victim's injuries to a California judge and jury during a personal injury case.

1 woman dead after car crashes into donut shop

An automobile crashed directly into a donut shop in Gardena, California, last week. The horrific incident resulted in the death of one person and injured four more.

The two-car accident happened just after 7 p.m. at Donut King. According to Gardena police, the both automobiles drove into the intersection of Western and Marine Avenues at the exact same time. The force of the crash caused one of the cars to be misdirected into the donut shop.

What does the future look like with self-driving cars?

We might all be riding in self-driving cars within the next 20 years, which could be good news for road safety. Indeed, a large percentage of car accident are caused by smartphones, alcohol consumption, speeding, fatigue, distracted driving and other factors, but these issues will not be a problem in the era of automated cars. What else might the future look like with self-driving cars?

According to many engineers, self-driving automobiles will result in safer and more efficient transportation. Automated vehicles will travel closer together, which will allow more vehicles to fit on the roadways and help traffic flow more efficiently. Cars would also get better gas mileage because their driving could be controlled for better fuel efficiency.

All about burn injuries

A burn injury involves damage to the skin and it is typically the result of high levels of heat from a fire or a hot object, but it can also be caused by radioactivity, radiation, friction, electricity and different kinds of chemicals. Respiratory damage from inhaling smoke or hot air is also considered a burn injury.

World-wide, approximately 265,000 people die as a result of fire burns and even more deaths are the result of scaldings, electrocutions and other kinds of burn injuries. Burn injuries represent a very serious health issue -- especially when adequate medical care is unavailable. A serious burn injury usually requires highly specialized medical treatment, which can be expensive and time consuming to administer. Burns also represent a serious risk of infection and complications, and they usually have a high degree of pain associated with them and often result in catastrophic disfigurement that survivors must deal with for the rest of their lives.

Jury awards $2.9 million to family in police brutality death

A California family has been awarded $2.9 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against the Oxnard Police Department. The family alleged that excessive police force caused their son's death, and the panel of jurors in the case agreed.

The 26-year-old California man died in police custody, not long after he consumed methamphetamine in 2012. Police claimed that the man died due to an overdose of the drug, but in the wrongful death lawsuit, the man's relatives alleged otherwise. They said that the officers killed the man by way of "active prone restraint."

Split liability in Santa Monica car accidents

Fatal and injurious car accidents never come with any warning, and they are always devastating for the people whose lives they affect. At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, we are passionate about helping those who were hurt in car crashes due to no fault of their own seek legal justice and financial restitution relating to their injuries. Through the pursuit of this passion, we have helped numerous injured parties and we have gained a great deal of experience in the field.

In every car accident, no matter which driver was deemed at fault, there could be the potential for additional factors that might have contributed to the collision. By investigating these factors, victims might find that other liable parties exist, and -- in fact -- liability might need to be divided among more than one at-fault party in a collision.

Staying safe when driving around trains

Trains are giant steal behemoths that travel quickly and take an extremely long time to stop. For this reason, any train crossing is a point of potential danger for a motor vehicle driver. Indeed, all California residents must take extreme caution whenever nearing a railroad crossing to ensure that a train versus car accident does not occur.

According to one Midwest police officer, one way to help prevent train versus car accidents is to explain to motorists that their car getting hit by a train is very similar to their car driving over a soda can. In fact, the weight comparison is virtually the same, the officer says. That is why the results can be so devastating whenever a car gets hit by a train.

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