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Caitlyn Jenner will not be charged in fatal car crash

Prosecutors in Los Angeles have decided not to charge pop culture celebrity Caitlyn Jenner relating to a fatal California crash that she was involved in. Prosecutors say that there is not enough evidence to support such a case.

The fatal crash happened just before Bruce Jenner publicly announced that he was transgender and should henceforth be referred to as a female named Caitlyn Jenner.

Important information about death and personal injury suits

In some cases, California residents who lose a close relative can pursue justice and restitution against the negligent party responsible for the death. No matter what the facts of a particular case, though, anyone who initiates a wrongful death suit will have a lot of questions. Here are a few that personal injury attorneys are frequently asked.

What if someone is seriously injured in an accident and has a valid personal injury suit, but dies before he or she has a chance to pursue the action? This largely depends on how the person died. If the person dies due to causes unrelated to the accident injuries, then the claim may still be pursued by the personal representative or executor of the victim's estate. Meanwhile, if the person dies as a result of his or her accident injuries, then family members may have the ability to seek wrongful death damages.

Defective product litigation in California

Every California resident uses a large amount of manufactured products in his or her daily life. When we use these products, we expect them to be safe and not dangerous for our families. Unfortunately, some manufacturing companies are negligent, and they create products that can cause serious harm and even death.

It is important to consider the products we use in our daily lives as a potential cause for different accidents. Sometimes, this takes a little bit of investigation, and a little bit of experience, to know where to look.

How do burn injuries usually happen?

Burn injuries are some of the worst kinds of injuries that California residents suffer and they can happen in many different ways. This article will discuss some of the most common ways that a burn injury can happen.

Heat burns, or thermal burns, are generally caused by steam, fire, hot liquids and hot objects. Children and older adults are usually the ones who are most likely to suffer from scald burns because they may have less coordination when it comes to handling hot liquids and their skin is more sensitive to heat. Individuals can also get burned from the cold, such as in windy, wet or cold weather conditions.

Multi-car crash kills 1 and injures 6

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, one person died and six people suffered injuries in a multi-car crash, which happened last Monday just outside of Hollywood Hills. A total of three vehicles were involved in the crash, which happened in the late evening hours at approximately 11 p.m. at the crossroads of Barham and Cahuenga Boulevards, not far from the 101 Freeway.

What strategies can I use to stay safe and polite on the road?

Owning a vehicle is easy, but driving that vehicle safely and responsibly is not that easy -- especially considering how many car accidents happen every day on Santa Monica roadways. This is why drivers should take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with common road etiquette, which can help them stay safe -- and polite -- while preventing car accidents, injuries and deaths at the same time. The following pieces of etiquette should be standard for all drivers, but they are not always adhered to.

First, when it comes to high beam headlights or "brights," you should only use them when they are necessary. Your high beams can actually blind other drivers who pass you, so they should only be used when you are alone and there are no other drivers coming in your direction or in front of you.

The dangers of fireworks

Fireworks injuries are very common throughout the United States, especially on holidays. Most of these injuries happen after a consumer misuses fireworks. Common mistakes can result in improperly lighting fireworks, lighting them too close to spectators or holding the fireworks in hand while lighting them. Sometimes, even when no consumer mistakes are made, fireworks can cause serious injuries.

Design defects and sloppy manufacturing practices can cause individuals to get seriously hurt by fireworks. In these cases, the fireworks manufacturer could be liable for the resulting injuries, so it is important to be able to identify them when they occur.

Family members mourn the loss of California teenager

Hundreds gathered in Hanford, California, to remember a teenage boy who was killed by a hit-and-run driver last Thursday. The young man died at the corner of 9 1/4 Avenue and Myrtle Street in Hanford. Although the driver tried to escape the scene, he was later arrested.

At the gathering on Tuesday, family members and friends mourned the loss of their loved one. They were also left with a lot of questions about the tragic incident. If the young man had survived the crash, he would have been 14 years of age.

Pedestrian accidents caused by inadequate barriers

Pedestrian sign.jpg

There are a lot of car accident dangers for Los Angeles pedestrians who take to the streets. Furthermore, pedestrians are at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to the risk of getting severely injured, as compared to the motorists who are safely protected inside their heavy automobiles. For this reason, pedestrians and motorists must be very careful to avoid causing or getting into a pedestrian crash.

Because of these dangers, local governments and businesses must be careful to ensure that open-air markets, parks, schools, street fairs, patios, sidewalk cafes and other areas have are appropriately cordoned off with barriers to keep pedestrians safe from traffic. In fact, they have a legal obligation to do so.

How does a brain injury affect the 3 types of memory?

Having a disability such as brain injury is difficult at best. Most people don't realize that a slip-and-fall can cause you problems with three types of memory: short-term, immediate memory and long-term memory. People generally tend to lump all three together and say that a person has either "good" or "bad" memory.

Immediate memory is the ability that you have to store information for a short time, sometimes just a few minutes, and then let it go after you don't need it anymore. For example, if you call directory assistance and ask for a phone number, your immediate memory will help you remember this number until you have dialed it. Most people who suffer brain injury don't have any type of problem with immediate memory. It is their short-term memory that suffers.

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