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Pursuing spinal cord injury claims in California

A spinal cord injury is one of the most difficult car accident injuries for doctors to treat. It can also be one of the most costly injuries to treat and try to recover from. Indeed, California residents who suffer a spinal cord injury generally have a long road to recovery ahead of them and it is likely that they will never recover fully.

Due to the high cost, pain and suffering, disabilities and other harsh consequences associated with a spinal cord injury, those who suffer such an injury due to another party's negligence may want to seek claims for financial damages in civil court. In some cases, such a claim could be the only chance that a victim has for getting the money to pay for his or her medical care and recover.

Is texting and driving just as dangerous as drunk driving?

Look at the California drivers in traffic around you and you will no doubt see many of them sneaking sideways glances at cellphones -- cellphones that could be flagrantly in view or subtly obscured out of sight from police and other drivers. The fact is that that the addictive and compulsive nature of smartphone use is driving many California motorists to break the law and engage in dangerous texting while operating their vehicles.

The fact is, texting and driving is exceedingly more dangerous than drunk driving. The reason is probably due to the fact that texters have to take their eyes off the road in front of them for an average of 4.6 seconds in order to read an inbound text or send an outbound text. That is like driving the length of a football field at a speed of 55 miles per hour while wearing a blindfold. Now imagine doing this in Los Angeles traffic and you can see how extremely risky this behavior is.

What should a pregnant mother do after being in a car accident?

No matter how you feel and no matter how minor the car accident seems, if you are involved in a collision and you are pregnant, you should see a doctor immediately. This is true no matter how deep into the pregnancy you happen to be. For that matter, California mothers-to-be should visit their doctor for a check up if they have been involved in any kind of accident, even if it's not related to an automobile.

The biggest danger of being in a car accident while pregnant involves the placenta separating from the uterus. In medical terminology, this is referred to as placental abruption. This condition, which is sometimes caused by car accidents, can result in a miscarriage, a premature delivery or a hemorrhage. Strangely, though, it is possible for women who have an abruption to not notice symptoms until it is dangerously late.

Metrolink Train Accident: An Update

Train accident crossing.jpg

Update: Last week we blogged about the Oxnard Metrolink train accident that happened in late February. The accident resulted in three passengers and the train's engineer being classified as in critical condition after the accident. Earlier this week, the train's engineer unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The engineer's heart stopped twice on the day of the accident, but he was strong enough to recover both times. Eventually, the trauma from the accident proved to be too much.

More Than Two Dozen People Injured In Metrolink Train Accident

Train gates on railroad.jpg

On Wednesday, February 28, 2015, a Metrolink passenger train was derailed when it collided with a truck and trailer that had been driven onto the tracks. The driver of the truck escaped from his vehicle, but the engineer of the train and the train's passengers were not so lucky.

Following the crash, 27 of the train's passengers (and the engineer) were taken to local hospitals, and three passengers and the engineer were deemed to be "critically injured." By the end of the day Wednesday, three of those patients were still classified as being in critical condition.

11 Green Broillet & Wheeler Attorneys Included In 2015 SoCal Super Lawyers

2015 Super Lawyers logo - grey.jpg

We are proud to announce that 11 of our attorneys have been named for inclusion on this year's Southern California Super Lawyers list. Every year we are humbled to receive this recognition, as it is based on peer nominations and extensive independent research by Thomson Reuters, the publishing company that selects Super Lawyers award recipients.

While we are pleased that our attorneys have received this well-deserved recognition, we are even prouder of what led to them receiving these awards - providing exceptional legal representation to our clients and obtaining hard-fought results in complex cases.

After A Car Accident: What You Need To Know, And What You Need To Do.

What should I do After a Car Accident.jpg

From the moments immediately following a car accident, to the weeks, months and years that follow, you will do many things to protect your health and your ability to provide for yourself and your family. But it can be nearly impossible to know if the steps you are taking are the steps you should be taking.

For guidance in this matter, we encourage you to utilize the resources listed below.

Burn Injury Resources

Car Fire being put out.jpg

All too often, clients come to our firm after suffering serious burns. These resilient individuals, who have experienced horrific injuries, painful medical procedures and lifelong scarring, inspire our team and make us proud to serve as a trusted resource to burn victims throughout California.

As a part of our dedication to helping burn victims and their families, we have compiled a list of resources that you may find helpful. If you require additional assistance after examining the list below, or if you would like to discuss your legal options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Most Dangerous Roads in California

Warning road sign.jpg

California has more than 170,000 miles of roadway, consisting of a combination of Interstate highways, state highways, local roads, city streets and other roadways. Some of these roads are more dangerous than others, including:

Interstate 5 (I-5)

The section of I-5 in and around San Diego is notorious for accidents. Those who have used "The 5," especially at "The Merge" where I-5 and I-805 come together, can attest to the chaotic and dangerous nature of this roadway. Despite increased funding and planning in recent years, including additional bypass lanes to help alleviate the traffic load at "The Merge," I-5 in the San Diego area remains a treacherous stretch of Interstate roadway.

GM Recalls and Bankruptcy: A Compilation

Car on highway.jpgAs we've recently mentioned, General Motors (GM) continues to be in the news for issues related to its bankruptcy and recall lawsuits. We've blogged on these issues many times during the past few years; in this post you will find a compilation of some of our most recent and most viewed posts on GM-related topics.

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