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Los Angeles media company sued by former employee

Upset Woman

A Los Angeles area video production company was recently used by a former employee.

Maria Jessie Corona alleged that she was constructively terminated due to her medical condition by her supervisors at Goodland Holdings Inc. and Hungry Heart Media Inc. These companies appear to do business as Wondros, the production company run by Bob Dylan's son, Jesse Dylan.

What Did Maria Jessie Corona Sue For?

Corona sued for various alleged employment law violations, including constructive termination which occurs when an employer essentially forces an employee to quit by making their working life miserable.

Anaheim Hotel Owner Sues Insurer for Bad Faith

Anaheim Hotel Maid

An insurance bad faith claim against Sequoia Insurance Company is moving forward in the California court system.

Sequoia was sued by an Anaheim hotel owner named Bann-Shiang Liza Yu, who alleged that Sequoia failed to properly defend her in a lawsuit brought by a franchise.

MTA loses lawsuit against train station designer

train track

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently lost a lawsuit against a company that designed a train station's stairwell banister.

The MTA was sued after a passenger fell at a Los Angeles rail station. Train rider Jose Madrigal alleged that he fell at the 4th & Hill Street station stairwell because, "among other defects, the banister of the stairwell was too low and the stairwell too small given the number, age, and volume of persons entering and exiting the Metro Rail station."

Avoidable Injuries: Motorcycle Safety in Southern California

motorcycle accident

A Man in His 50s

It is a bright July morning in Encino. A middle-aged motorcyclist breezes through traffic on the San Diego Freeway.

He easily passes cars and trucks. It's an ideal morning for riding - the road is dry and the oppressive afternoon heat is still hours away.

The motorcyclist is just north of Mulholland Drive when he hits a car.

A routine series of events follows - motorists slam on their brakes and someone calls 911. A California Highway Patrol dispatcher issues a SigAlert at 9:12 a.m., lanes close and local TV crews warn of a miles-long traffic jam.

The motorcyclist is rushed to a nearby hospital, where he dies. His family isn't notified by press time, so he becomes memorialized in brief news reports as "a man in his 50s."

motorcycle in traffic

Invisible Motorcyclists

Around 400 people are killed in California motorcycle crashes every year. Over half of all deadly motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles. Many of these drivers say that they simply "didn't see the motorcyclist" before impact.

Off-label medication use still rampant in California nursing homes.

elder abuse

The improper use of antipsychotic drugs on nursing home patients with dementia has been well-documented for decades, but continues to be a problem.

A recent study by California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (PDF) found that close to 1 in 4 California nursing home residents is given antipsychotic drugs, and that the "vast majority" of these drugs are given for "off-label" uses, such as treating patients with dementia.

Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group Sued for Malpractice


A Santa Cruz area medical group was recently sued by a woman who claims to have suffered a life-threatening reaction to a medicine that it prescribed.

Kathleen Hardin developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENs) after being prescribed Lamictal (Lamotrigine) by Dr. Sharon S. Jamieson of the Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group.

Hardin was prescribed the medication in April of 2010 and was rushed to urgent care a few weeks later after falling ill. Physicians at a nearby hospital diagnosed Hardin with SJS, and were unable to stop the effects before she fell into a coma.

Shelby Allen Drinking Death Case Dismissed By Court

Drinking Vodka

The parents of a California teen who died during a sleepover recently had their wrongful death case dismissed by an appeals court.

According to court documents, 17-year-old Shelby Allen had a sleepover at the house of a 16-year-old friend named Kayli Liberman. After Kayli's parents went to bed, Shelby reportedly took a bottle of vodka from the family's home bar and had 15 shots.

"The next morning, Kayli told her father they had been drinking and Shelby had been sick," court documents state. "The father went to work without checking on Shelby because he had been told Shelby was okay and he did not want to invade the space of a teenage female behind a closed bathroom door."

Target Store Sued For Not Having a Defibrillator

Target Lawsuit

The Supreme Court of California recently ruled that Target Corporation is not legally required to provide defibrillators at its stores.

Target was sued by the relatives of a California woman who died of a heart attack at the Pico Rivera Target Store.

On August 31, 2008, Mary Ann Verdugo suffered a heart attack while shopping at the Pico Rivera Target with her mother and brother. It took paramedics several minutes to arrive and locate the 49-year-old woman in the store, and they were unable to revive her.

Three young California men killed in June motorcycle accidents


June brought a spate of deadly motorcycle accidents in California the rest of the US.

Three of last month's fatal motorcycle accidents involved men in their mid 20's. All of these cyclists suffered fatal head injuries after losing control of their vehicles.

Greene Broillet Files Lawsuit in Milton Olin Jr. Death


The law firm of Greene Broillet & Wheeler LLP recently filed a lawsuit for the family of a prominent entertainment attorney who was killed after being hit by a deputy's patrol car in Calabasas last December.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of Milton Olin Jr., an attorney who formerly served as Napster's COO. His death was covered by every major media outlet, including TMZ, the New York Daily News, and the Huffington Post.

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